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Counseling and litigation: EL & EP advises its clients in the subjects expressed below, as advisors and in litigation and arbitration.

Business Law: General Business Law, Business Contracts and Corporate law.

The Firm has high specialization in counseling and in preparing special legal structures required by complex juridical businesses.

In Corporate Law, EL & EP advises on incorporation of companies for business, drafting of special purpose by-laws to fit the needs of the clients, strategic agreements, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships etc.

Regarding contractual matters, the Firm advises its clients during discussion of contracts, negotiation, drafting, especially those of high complexity that require experience and innovation.

The Firm has vast experience in legal auditing referring to different aspects of the client’s business such as the compliance of all relevant regulatory policies, adapting internal and external documentation to such regulation and best practices.

Administrative Law: The Firm specializes in administrative contracts of Public Private Partnerships, B.O.T. and B.O.O.T contracts, concessions, construction contracts, audits, supply. The Firm advises clients throughout procurement procedures, contract negotiations, and eventually in protests and litigation procedures.

BOT, BOOT and Concessions: The firm has taken part in all major procurement processes regarding said contracts, and especially EL & EP advised the operator of the first highway B.O.T. in Uruguay: the Montevideo – Punta del Este highway (Consorcio del Este). EL & EP advised the several involved corporations during procurement, the negotiation of the contract and its execution, building the juridical structure of the operator, the relationship with the audit body, and with all subcontractors.

EL & EP also advised companies in relation to the performance of the first airport BOT in Uruguay, (Laguna del Sauce Airport).

Consultancy: The Firm advised the Government regarding the juridical and financial issues of BOT contracts in Uruguay, as the master plan of different ports of the country, and regarding the feasibleness of national roads projects under a BOT approach.

Procurement:EL & EP constantly advises clients in procurement, execution and performance of public contracts, eventual protests and challenges, and claims during contract life.

Public Works: Senior Partner and founder Dr. Jorge Echevarria Leunda was President of the Uruguayan Delegation of the bi national entity that built Salto Grande Dam of 1500 mw. Power (US$ 1.5 billion project).

The Firm has advised Public Agencies, as well as bi national Institutions in the performance of Public Work contracts, such as hospital construction, government facilities, medical sport centers, parliament headquarters, high voltage cable laying, José Ignacio maritime oil pipeline, expansion of State refinery and of Martín Garcia Channel on the Uruguay River.

Tax Law: The Firm has vast experience in Tax law, in tax planning, as in challenges against administrative tax resolutions. The Firm has close relationship with Accounting, Auditing and Tax firm Echevarría Petit & Asociados (member of the Polaris International Organization).

Civil Law:The Firm advises clients regarding civil matters, such as real estate, agricultural, cattle, forestry business, etc.

In civil matters advises clients on asset planning, family matters, real estate managing, etc.

Labor Law: EL & EP advises most of its corporate clients on labor law, ranging from legal labor audits, to drafting of labor contracts, of labor internal policies, labor control, incentive policies, and litigation.

Customs and Foreign Trade Laws: The Firm advises on International Trade transactions, ranging from international trade contracts regarding buy/sell agreements, trademarks agreements, know how, transport, distribution, insurances and storage of merchandise.

The Firm advises on international trade taxes, customs and port regulations, as customs value, customs tariffs, special customs rules, temporary admissions and drawback, free zones, free port etc.

International Law:The Firm advises its clients on international contracts, from negotiation to performance, and in litigation and arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and conciliation.

Environment Law: EL & EP advises many companies in environment matters involved in private and public projects, etc.

The Firm’s expertise covers counseling clients on mining investments, environment monitoring corporations, potable water and sewage.

Mining Law: EL & EP counts with experience in advising on mining law, counseling and obtaining mining authorizations and concessions, and in the relationship of clients with the government counterparts.

Alternative Resolutions of Disputes.

Regarding International and Domestic arbitrations, Senior Partner and founder Dr. Jorge Echevarría Leúnda has been appointed as arbitrator of (CCI) International Trade Court Chamber, and as only arbitrator on domestic arbitrations involving public and private banks.

He has also published several papers on that matter. In mediation matters Senior Partner and founder Dr. Jose Luis Echevarría Petit and Partner Raul Gonzalez Berro are registered as mediators in Uruguayan Commerce Chamber.

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