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ECHEVARRÍA LEUNDA & ECHEVARRÍA PETIT ABOGADOS is a Law firm established in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1951.

EL&EP advises clients from the industrial, financial, commercial,and farming sectors as well as clients active in the services sector, in Corporate law, Administrative law, Labor law, International Trade law and Customs, and Civil Law.The firm also specializes in litigation and arbitration.

Dr. Echevarría Leunda (founder of EL&EP) has been appointed as sole arbitrator in Ad-hoc arbitrations as well as member of Arbitration Tribunals of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

The areas of practice cover Commercial law (corporate, M&A, contracts), Laborlaw (contracts, union relationships), Administrative law (Procurement, Construction, Concessions, PPPs), Banking Law (Regulations of finance sector, relationship with Central Bank), Civil law (Real estate), International Trade and Customs law.

The members of the firm are: Dr. Jorge Echevarría Leunda, Dr. José Luis Echevarría Petit, Dr. Raúl González Berro, Dra. María Jesús Caulín Costanzo, Dr. Ignacio Alonso Reybaud, Dra. Florencia Sela Bonino and Gonzalo Trapp Pérez del Castillo.

World Bank and IDB registered EL&EP in Dacon Register and IDB incorporated our firm to the list of advising firms on due diligence and negotiation of projects of the private sector window.

EL&EP has large experience in infrastructure, especially in BOT contracts, Concessions and Construction Contracts on government buildings, hospitals, highways, airports and sport facilities.

International relationships

EL&EP has worked in collaboration with many international law firms in different projects in Uruguay and abroad.


  • Canadian Embassy in Montevideo: Mrs. Patricia Wilson.
  • Uruguayan Consulate in Toronto: Mr. Fernando López Fabregat.
  • Canadian Commercial Corporation: Mr. Patrick Dubus.

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The following are just some of the Companies that experienced EL& EP’s services :

  • International
    1. Akzo Nobel in local transactions of its car paint branch (Sikkens) and in its veterinary transactions in Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay.
    2. Armbro Construction
    3. Axor Group Inc.
    4. Bonafide S.A.I.C
    5. Censol
    6. Compagnie General des Eaux
    7. Compaq Latin America Corporation.
    8. DHL
    9. El Paso Natural Gas Company
    10. Canadian Embassy
    11. Hewlett Packard
    12. Hoechst AG
    13. Hoechst Marion Roussel
    14. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
    15. Huarte S.A.
    16. IESA
    17. Intervet International BV
    18. Montreal Engenharía
    19. Mr. Bricolage (France)
    20. Nansen
    21. Obrascón Huarte Lain
    22. SNC Lavalin
    23. Timac Agro (Roulier group)
    24. Tractebel
  • National
    • Abitab S.A. (national network of payments and collection of bills and retirement)
    • ADAU (Uruguayan Association of Customs Brokers)
    • Ayax S.A. (Toyota, Uruguay)
    • Banco de Prótesis (Highly specialized medicine)
    • Bromyros S.A. (Thermal Isolation Factories, Uruguay)
    • Consorcio del Este (concession operator of Montevideo to Punta del Este Highway)
    • Consorcio APL (construction).
    • Consorcio CHS (Hospital construction).
    • Cotec (Environment and Engineering Consultants)
    • Depósitos Montevideo (Warehouses in the harbour , Uruguay).
    • DHL
    • Hur S.A.
    • Multiseñal (cable TV)
    • Mr. Bricolage (Bricolage supermarket, Uruguay)
    • Pollio Hermanos (stock brokers).
    • Sagrin S.A. (Cotton Factories, Uruguay).
    • Sausa (Suzuki Agents)
    • Timac Agro Uruguay S.A.(Chemicals for agriculture)
    • Urufor S.A. (Forest Enterprise).
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